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to do something you did…. Learn more. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus catch up meaning: 1. to reach the same quality or standard as someone or something else: 2. to do something you did…. Learn more. Define catch up.

Catch up or catch-up

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an effort to reach or pass a norm, especially after a period of delay: After the slowdown there was a catch-up in production. an effort to catch up with or surpass a competitor, as in a sports contest. an instance of catching up. (catch one up) Present participle for to impart information or knowledge Present participle for to meet with someone, usually for purposes of sharing information (caught up) Present participle for to catch in, or as in, a trap catch-up n.

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caught , catch·ing , catch·es v. tr.

Catch up or catch-up

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Catch up or catch-up

Synonyms and related words From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English catch up phrasal verb 1 IMPROVE to improve and reach the same standard as other people in your class, group etc If you miss a lot of classes, it’s very difficult to catch up. with At the moment our technology is more advanced, but other countries are catching up with us. 2 CATCH to come from behind and reach someone in front of you by going It should also be remembered that the new Member States need significant means to support the modernisation and reconstruction of agriculture and to catch up with the countries of the 'old fifteen'. Należy też pamiętać, iż nowe kraje członkowskie potrzebują znacznych środków na wsparcie modernizacji rolnictwa, jego restrukturyzację i doganianie krajów "starej piętnastki”.

Catch up or catch-up

To find (and, of police, to arrest) someone after a period of time trying to track that person down. The bank robber 3. To make up the difference 2017-09-17 · The term "catch up" is a verb + adverb combination.
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learn belatedly; find out about  Viewers also have high expectations of content regulation of broadcast television and associated VOD and catch-up services.21For on-demand delivery, the  Catch Up is an arcade game that challenges you to get as far as you can while dodging all the obstacles that cross your path (and there'll be a lot).

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Define catch up. catch up synonyms, catch up pronunciation, catch up translation, English dictionary definition of catch up. v. caught , catch·ing , catch·es v.