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Preferred name: Trapa natans. Authority: Linnaeus. Notes. Euromediterranean region (except north and southeast), Siberia, Central Asia, Russian Far East, Korea, Indochinam Malesia, China.

Trapa natans common name

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There can be some confusion with the common names of water chestnut. Two species in the Trapa genus (T.natans and T.bicornis) share the same common names. Also another unrelated species (Eleocharis dulcis) can be called water chestnut. Names.

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Identification: The water chestnut is an annual aquatic plant whose leaves occur both above and below water. As for the botanical name Trapa comes from Dead Latin’s calcitrappa, a four-pointed weapon (as the seeds have four points.) But that term came from a Dead Latin word for “thistle.” Natans means floating.

Trapa natans common name

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Trapa natans common name

Trapa natans Here's a few general tips that found that work well for me.

Trapa natans common name

Home Common names Cornaciul reprezintă oricare dintre cele trei existente specii din genul Trapa: Trapa natans, T. bicornis și pe cale de dispariție Trapa rossica.Este, de asemenea, cunoscut sub numele de castan de apă sau ciulin de baltă. În India se numește singada. In Italy Trapa natans is harvested to reduce eutrophication of lakes (Cattaneo et al 1998). Its stems and roots consume oxygen from the water and beneath T. natans beds it can become hypoxic or completely anoxic (Caraco & Cole 2002 in Strayer et al 2003). Individual Report for Trapa natans . Trapa natans : Common Name: water chestnut: Plant Symbol: TRNA : Plant Location: State/County: Pennsylvania (Bucks) Location Common name.
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Leaves Photograph by: Kurt Stüber. Trapa natans is a Perennial Good drawings of some of the more common food plants from around the world.

Two species in the Trapa genus (T.natans and T.bicornis) share the same common names.
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Associated Ecological Communities: Common Name(s): caltrop [English] Accepted Name(s): Trapa natans L. Taxonomic Status: Current Standing: not accepted - other, see comments : Data Quality Indicators: Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met Trapa has dark green serrated leaves on swollen stems.